Bespoke Shower Screens

Bespoke Shower Screens (cut to size)

All shapes and sizes in the most popular of glass thickness i.e. 8mm, 10mm or 12mm made to measure or cut to size.

Our range of bespoke glass is both of quality build and at a price that suits most budgets. 
Cut to almost any shape and size for shower panels, screens and enclosures. All of our glass is Toughened to BSEN:12150 and is widely accepted by building control for new builds.


Glass Finishes:

There are several different finishes or types of glass available you can purchase from us in various glass thickness, these include:

  • Clear Glass
  • Sandblasted
  • Optiwhite
  • Low Iron
  • Bronze Tinted
  • Grey Tinted
  • Blue Tinted
  • Green Tinted
  • Satin (similar to Sandblasted but smoother finish)
  • Easy clean finishes on all of the above


Glass Processing

We offer glass that can be cut to your exact sizes.

Your glass is almost exclusively cut and polished by machine with out the errors that occur quite often in the bespoke industry. We use inline polishers for all edge details so to create those super safe and smooth lines. there is no cutting fingers with any of our products!

Our finish is above PAR with polished edges that look and feel amazing. The overall quality of the glass does stand out in comparison with like for like glass manufacturers.

We have CNC machines that take care of all the templates that you send us, it will follow exactly what you provide.

If you are looking for a large hole as a replacement for the traditional look of a doorknob or a 'D' shaped handle, then we can do this for you. 

What we can do:

  • Hinge Cutouts
  • Glass Shapes
  • Drilled holes
  • Polished holes
  • Privacy Strips
  • Patch fitting cutouts
  • Notch cutouts
  • Internal polishing of cutouts


To understand what you need for your project, our preferred way to produce quotes, estimates and to ultimately produce the glass is a drawing. We can accept any of the following as a drawing and can take that information in a few different media styles including.

Types of media to send

  • Work from Templates
  • Work from CAD
  • Work from pieces of paper (drawings)

Verbally is ok to outline a project with us, but to save yourself some time we recommend the above,then simply send an email with your specifications attached or embedded to 

If you require help with the design element of your Shower screen, panel or enclosure, give one of our sales team a call and we can go through the process to make sure you get what you require. 

Please Call Our Sales Team On 01225 667672