Dark Bronze Square Style 180 Degree Cabo Soft Slide Sliding Door System

0.10 KGS
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Catalog Number: CABS84DU

Featuring New Softbrake Braking System
Hardware for One Sliding Door and One Fixed Panel
Concealed Overhead Roller Design
Accommodates Door Weighing Up to 176 Pounds (80 kg)
90 Degree Bracket Sold Separately

The CRL Cabo Soft Slide Sliding Door System is the first CRL system to offer the Softbrake Braking System, ensuring you do not have to worry about the door slamming open or closed. Sofbrake cushions the opening of the door, and is concealed inside the header. Softbrake engages in the last 4" (100 mm) of door travel, preventing the glass from impacting the frame or adjacent glass panel.

The Cabo Series offers both Rounded Clamp Style and Squared Clamp Style designs, to match most any modern decor.

Available in several finishes, and suitable for use with 5/16", 3/8", or 1/2" (8, 10, or 12 mm) thick tempered safety glass (not included).

Glass fabrication is required.

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