Glass Price Calculator for instan prices on toughened glass and shower glass panels

Glass Price Calculator

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  • Glass type, Thickness, Height & Width are required to calculate a price.
  • Tinted Glass is only available in 6mm and 10mm thickness
  • Minimum Height: 200mm
  • Minimum Width: 200mm
  • Minimum size: 0.2m²
  • Maximum Height: 2800mm
  • Maximum Width: 1600mm
  • Maximum size: 4.5m²
  • Easy Clean is a micropolymer coating used to prevent the build up of limescale.
  • Sand blasting is also know as Frosted Glass and is used for privacy screens.
  • The number of holes required will depend on the fittings to be used on the glass.
  • The number of cutouts required will depend on the fittings to be used on the glass and/or if a corner needs to be cut out of the glass.

Glass lead time is approximately 10-12 working days.

Please check our delivery areas here before ordering

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Please check our delivery areas here before ordering

How to use the Glass Price Calculator


To use the glass price calculator is an easy process. All shower glass panels and shower glass doors are toughened to BS EN 12150 standard specifications and will also be delivered with polished edges on all sides. You should be able to select your new glass panel in just a few clicks.


Select glass type: There are 4 options types of glass:

Clear toughened glass - Regular glass you will find used on common showers.

Low Iron Glass - Glass has a low iron content and generally transparent rather than giving off a green tint/hue like clear toughened glass.

Bronze Tint: This type of glass is tinted with a bronze/ gold and is ideal to add a little privacy when showering.

Grey Tint: This type of glass is tinted with a Grey/ dark tint and is ideal for light privacy.


Choosing thickness of glass:

There are four glass thickness available which are 6mm,8mm, 10mm and 12mm toughened glass panels

The most common glass thickness are 8mm or 10mm - We recommend 10mm for shower glass panels if the height f the glass exceeds 2000mm in thickness or if the width exceeds 1000mm.

For shower glass doors we recommend either 8mm or 10mm in thickness.


Glass Height and Width:

Input your desired height and width of glass here. We have a minimum glass panel width of 300mm and max width of 1500mm. For height we have a maximum height of glass of 2800mm and minimum height of 1000mm.

To find the weight of glass you have selected, this displayed under the text (ENTER GLASS HEIGHT AND WIDTH)


Do You Require Easy Clean?:

For easy clean application to your Glass panel just click the 'yes' button, we will apply easyclean to one side of you glass panel


Do You Required Any Holes or Cutouts?

If you require drilled holes for your glass, we can drill holes in your glass. our minimum size is the thickness of the glass you purchase (8mm glass = 8mm diameter hole) up to a  maximum size 50mm diameter hole. If you want you shower glass panel with a larger hole, please email or call.


For Hinges or Locks:

if you are purchasing a panel of glass and plan to use it as a door, you would need shower hinges. The hinges usually require cutouts so use this entry and add the amount of hinge cutouts you require. If we need more information, will email you for the location of each hinge or drilled hole. We will then confirm with a working drawing (cutting plan)


Quantity Required:

If you need 2 of the same size panels or 10, then just use the drop down to select the number required.


Delivery Areas: 

We have a delivery map that shows exactly where we can deliver glass. If you are outside of those areas we  suggest sending  an email as we still might be able to fulfil to your area.. Please note, if the glass is ordered outside of our delivery area, by default your order will be cancelled and refunded.


Create Price: 

Once you are happy with the selctions you have made, you can now create a price from the glass calculator. The price includes VAT and delivery is just £4.99 per order no matter how many items are in your basket.


Add to cart: 

Under the 'help button' there is a summary box, this is where the glass calculator will provide a summary of the calculations you have entered. Once confirmed you can choose the add to cart button. Once the order is added to the cart, you can use the 'clear data' button and order another panel if required. Whe you have finished ordering your glass panels from the calculator, goto the cart icon in the top right hand corner of the page where you can follow payment instructions.


What happens to my toughened glass order now?

Once payment has been confirmed and the delivery area checked, we will process your glass order. If we need to get in touch with you about your order we will do so within 24 hrs.
Glass delivery times are approx 7-10 working days for delivery to arrive at your chosen delivery and if you have ordered components they will arrive with the glass.


As a side note you may also find this handy as glass cut to size price calculator, It can be used for any toughened glass that needs to be custom sized or cut



For more details about our deliveries or returns click here. if you would like to see the delivery areas we cover for glass deliveries click here. to go back to the home page click here


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