Large Shower Screens


Floor to ceiling and Large format / Oversize Shower screens and Panels.


Lets just say the bigger the glass the more the Impact, We have been in the fortunate position of Supplying some of the best Floor to ceiling shower screens in the UK.

We can create a shower screen up to 3600mm in height x 1500mm in width within our 7-10 day turnaround. I dare not say it, but we can go bigger! (you will need to discuss with us)

Its a service we have offered since the word go, understanding that some of our clients properties especially new-builds and modern buildings, will accommodate the larger glass shower screens.


Why Floor to ceiling?


For the individual, its about concealing the fixings to leave no brackets or supporting arms to be seen, just a shower screen that blends in so well with the room, it's easy to understand why its done.

Even if you have a large screen with a Couple of supporting arms, with the right design, it makes a wetroom or shower room the perfect room to be in.


Large format shower screens



Please consider the larger the glass panel the heavier it becomes for example, a 2000mm x 1500mm glass screen in 10mm clear toughened format would weigh 75KGS!


Price immediately

If you would like to get a price right away, then please jump over to the glass calculator page that can be Found Here

Please note, The Glass calculator will create a price on glass up to a max size of 2799mm Height  x 1499mm Width


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The Shower Glass team