Shower Seals Directory for Shower Screens and Doors

Please find a list of shower screen seals that are suited for 8mm shower glass doors and enclosures. 

All seals are clear/translucent and are co-extruded and will snap/ push onto the determined edge of an 8mm shower glass door or panel


Seal IconSKUGlass SizePositionLength
pcr8-3.jpg PCR8 8mm

Hinge Side / Opening side

pcr8s-3.jpg PCR8S 8mm Hinge Side/ Opening Side 2.5m
pcr8l-1.jpg PCR8L 8mm Inline/ Larger Gaps 2.5m
 pcj8.jpg  PCJ8  8mm  Door Jamb/ seal for 90 degrees enclosures  2.5m
 p956ws-16522.gif  P956WS  8mm   Bottom door sweep/ Wipe  2.4m
 p102ws.jpg  P102WS  8mm  Bottom door Sweep/ Wipe  2.4m
 p140hj-16506.gif  P516HJ  8mm  Between Door and Inline Fixed Panel  2.4m
 PCK8 Shower Door Seal  PCK8  8mm  Between Door and Inline Fixed panel  2.4m
 pcc8l Shower Door Seal  PCC8L
 8mm  Bottom of door or Bifold door  2.4m
 pcc8-Shower Door Seals  PCC8  8mm  Inline Glass to glass applications  2.4m
 p880ws-Seal for shower door  P770WS  8mm  Bottom sweep on door or side of glass on bifold  2.4m
 p312hw Multi Purpose Shower Door Seal P312HW   8mm Multi Purpose Shower Seal side and bottom of door  2.4m
pc0890 Shower screen door seal for large gaps  PC0890  8mm Ideal for Sliding Doors or Larger Gaps  2.4m 
 pmf8 90 degree magnetic seal for shower door  PMF8 8mm  Magnetic seal for glass to glass at 90 degree  2.5m
 pma8-Magnetic door seal for shower glass enclosures PMA8 8mm 

Magnetic Seal for 90/180 Deg applications 

  • 180 Degree Glass-to-Glass: Use PMA8 and PMB8 (Door swings in one direction)
  • 180 Degree Glass-to-Glass: Use PMC8 and PMC8 (Door swings in both directions)
  • 135 Degree Glass-to-Glass: Use PMA8 and PMC8 (Door swings out only)
  • 90 Degree Glass-to-Glass: Use PMA8 and PMB8 (Reverse for polarity-door swings out only)
 pmb8-Magnetic seal for shower door enclosures PMB8 8mm  Works in conjunction with PM8A 2.5m
 pmc8-Magnetic door seal for 8mm shower glass doors and enclosures PMC8  8mm  Works in conjunction with PM8A 2.5 


The Magnetic series of shower door seals can be used in the following configurations