Freestanding Shower Screens

Freestanding Shower Screen


Just For You.

Indulge yourself with a Luxury Free Standing Shower Screen from

Our range of Shower screens will cater for any design including freestanding shower screens and walk in shower screens. 

With options that disrupt most if not all other shower screen suppliers, we are able to create what you wish for.
We are challenged by both interior design and architecture to fulfil the most exquisite and tasteful shower screens in the Uk.

We cater for both Modern and Period style This is supported by our sales team, of whom, have had long term experience within the building industry, including delicate refurbishments, new builds and relationships with many such architects.

We understand the limitations of both our products and design, allowing us to act and advise accordingly. In most cases our work outperforms those who challenge us with their ideas.





A Keen Eye

Our products are designed to be simple and ultimately to be invisible in a room thus not causing distraction to the eye of the user. For instance, the main picture (above top), we have created by using just four components. that is it..Not complicated or should it be either to provide a walk-in shower screen of this calibre.

Our work can be found on many pages of Instagram and other populated websites, various design magazines and media publications.


Quick FAQ Section:

Q - What Rooms suit these types of configurations?
A - Larger rooms are best suited to the walk in shower screen.

Q - What thickness glass is best suited for a walk in panel?
A - As the glass is supported by itself, we recommend either 10 or 12mm Toughened Glass

Q - How big can you make a walk in panel?
A - We can make a panel of up to 2000mm x 2700mm (12mm Recommended)

Q - How Sturdy is the glass?
A - Good Question, the components we use to hold the glass are top of their class for strength and reliability. The glass is held securely and safe.

Q - Do you install these also? 
A - Yes we can offer a fitting service or recommend installation teams who we regularly work with.

Q - Can You provide Privacy strips or etching on the Glass?
A - Yes we can provide digital printing and privacy strips on the outside face of the glass.

Q - What lead times do you achieve?
A - Yes, for glass up to 1.5m in width we can provide lead times of approx 7-10 working days. Larger panels and print designs are approx 10 to 20 working days.

Q - Can we discuss over the phone or send you an email?
A - Yes, we have provided a easy to use contact form below or should you wish to call, our office number is 01225 667672


walk-in-shower-enclosure.jpg is a small team of shower screen and glass professionals based just outside the beautiful City of Bath.
With many years of experience in both designing and installing the most luxurious of screens across the UK we offer our services through our website.


The Shower Glass Team: 01225 667672