Luxury Wall Art For Bathrooms and Shower Rooms

Beautify Your Bathroom With Luxury Wall Art From CW-Artem

Why Wall Art?

Bathrooms and shower rooms often serve as personal sanctuaries, providing us with a place to unwind and relax. At Shower Glass Ltd, we believe these spaces should be more than just functional. By introducing "Wall art for shower rooms and bathrooms," we aim to transform these essential spaces into personal galleries that reflect your unique style and taste.

Contemporary Wall Art

Get Unique and Limited Prints Curated especially for your home.

Why have art in a bathroom?

Art has the power to elevate any room’s aesthetic appeal, and your bathroom is no exception. Introducing "Luxury wall art" to your bathroom can bring life, colour, and personality to a room that is often overlooked in terms of decor. From abstract pieces that stimulate thought to serene landscapes that foster tranquility, the right wall art can set the perfect tone for your personal retreat.


In our mission to enhance the beauty of your bathroom spaces, we are proud to announce our partnership with CW Artem. Known for their exceptional range of art pieces, CW Artem is located in Wiltshire and is a go-to destination for anyone seeking to add a touch of elegance to their living spaces. You can explore their collection at CW Artem's website.

Enhancing Shower Rooms and Bathrooms in the UK

CW Artem offer a curated selection of "Wall art for bathrooms" specifically chosen for their ability to withstand the humidity and moisture common in these spaces.


Every piece combines quality and aesthetics, ensuring that the art you love can be a part of every room in your home, even the bathroom.

We at Shower Glass Ltd believe in creating spaces that resonate with your personal style at every turn.


We invite you to explore the transformative power of art in your bathroom and shower rooms. Experience how a carefully selected piece of wall art can turn a routine space into an extraordinary personal sanctuary.

How to buy wall art for your shower room or bathroom.

For more information on how to choose and integrate wall art into your bathroom design, feel free to contact us or visit CW Artem's website. Together, let's make every space in your home a work of art!