Shower Screen Fixing

If you are looking to find the most Suitable Shower screen fixings you may find the below helpful

The most popular shower screen fixings come in various guises including Channels, shower glass clamps and supporting arms. Most are made of brass and then plated chrome or other finished colours such as Satin brass or Matte Black.


What is the easiest way to fix a shower screen or panel?
The most common way is with Channel fixed to the wall side and on the floor, this provides a structural mount that the shower glass can slide into.

There are a few different types of Uchannel you should know about 

  1. Regular Uchannel
  2. Recessed Uchannel
  3. Deep Uchannel


  1. Regular Uchannel

Regular U-channel comes in various widths and finished but the most popular sizes is for 10mm shower glass. The lip of the glass is just 10mm deep. Advantages of this Channel is