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Why a custom steam room at home?

Immerse yourself in a world of wellness like no other with a custom built steam room in the comfort of your own home. Steam rooms have been celebrated for centuries, renowned for their array of health benefits, profound relaxation, and the unrivalled luxury they offer. As we increasingly seek ways to achieve holistic well-being and serenity, a steam room at home presents a unique opportunity to enrich your lifestyle.


Stepping into your personalised steam room is not just a retreat, but a journey towards improved health. The gentle, persistent heat improves circulation, flushes toxins from the body, aids muscle recovery, and promotes deep, restful sleep. The steam provides a natural deep cleanse for your skin, opening pores and eliminating impurities, leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated.


Having a steam room at your doorstep is not just a convenience, it is a private sanctuary that is accessible anytime you desire, thereby maximising the benefits that come with regular use.

No need to worry about the hustle and bustle of public facilities or travel time to the gym or spa. Your wellness journey is now just a step away in the comfort and privacy of your home. With our custom built steam rooms, proximity is indeed the key to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. We help transform your home into your personal wellness hub.


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Need More Information About Steam Rooms?

If you need a professionally designed steam room then Riviera Hot tubs are the only company to build your perfect sanctuary

When designing a custom steam room, what has to be included?

We have compiled a shortlist of all the components we generally use which includes:


Steam Generator: This is the heart of any steam room. It heats water to create steam, which is then piped into the steam room. The size and power of the steam generator you need will depend on the size of your steam room.


Enclosure: The steam room needs to be fully enclosed to contain the steam. It should be constructed from materials that can withstand high humidity and heat, such as tile, stone, or Toughened glass. The ceiling is often slightly sloped to prevent condensation from dripping.


Seating: Comfort is key in a steam room. Seats can be built-in or freestanding, and are typically made from materials like tile, stone, or wood. Some high-end steam rooms may have heated seats for extra comfort.


Steam Door: Steam doors must be tight-sealing to prevent steam from escaping. They are usually made of tempered safety glass that can handle the heat and humidity, while also allowing light to filter in.


Ventilation: While a steam room needs to be sealed to keep the steam in, it also needs a ventilation system to ensure fresh air supply and help control humidity levels.


Controls: Modern steam rooms come with digital controls that let you adjust the temperature and humidity levels, set a timer, and control any additional features like lighting or sound systems.


Lighting: While not a necessity, soft lighting can enhance the relaxing ambiance of a steam room. Waterproof LED lights are often used as they offer a range of colour options and are energy efficient.


Aromatherapy Dispenser: Some steam rooms include an aromatherapy dispenser, which diffuses essential oils into the steam for a spa-like experience.

Why Using The Right Designer And Installer For Steam Rooms is Important

Creating a personal oasis of wellness in your home is not just about having a steam room, but making sure that each component contributes to the overall comfort, functionality, and aesthetic of the space. The steam generator, the enclosure, the seating, the steam door, the ventilation, the controls, the lighting, and optional features like an aromatherapy dispenser - each play a pivotal role in your steam room experience. But piecing these elements together to create a harmonious whole requires the expertise of a skilled designer and installer.


Choosing the right steam room designer and installer is crucial in bringing your vision to life and ensuring the functionality of your room. A well-crafted steam room is more than a collection of parts. It's an artful blend of technology and design, carefully designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences. From selecting the appropriate size and power of the steam generator for your space, to designing comfortable seating and efficient ventilation, to integrating state-of-the-art digital controls, lighting and optional features, Riviera's designers and installers will considers every detail.


With the Riviera team, you won't just be buying a product off the shelf. Instead, you'll be part of the creative process, customising your steam room to your exact specifications and taste. This way, the steam room becomes not just a wellness addition to your home, but a reflection of your style and persona.


The Riviera team will ensure that the installation process is seamless and adheres to all UK safety standards, reducing potential future maintenance issues. They can offer comprehensive advice on how to care for and maintain your steam room, allowing you to enjoy your wellness retreat for years to come.

Your journey to creating a personal wellness oasis in your home begins with the right choice - a custom steam room designer and installer who understands your vision, respects your space, and is committed to delivering the best possible results.

Custom Made Saunas To Complete Your Wellbeing

Riviera Hot Tubs can also create the perfect Custom Sauna for your home to complement your Steamroom. find out a little more about Riviera below.

Riviera Hot Tubs have been manufacturing and installing traditional wooden barrel hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas across Europe since 2002. Crafted from only the finest timbers the combine traditional cooperage methods with the latest in custom spa and sauna technology.


Riviera covers both domestic and commercial installations In the UK