Frameless Bath Shower Screen

Framless Bath Screens. The Perfect Option When Space Is Premium In A Bathroom?

There Are 4 Common Types of Frameless Shower Screens For Your Bath

Off the shelf screens are great, they provide function and style to your bathroom but are limited to common sizes only. Bespoke Frameless bath screens however come in all shapes and sizes. So to whittle it all down, we have listed 4 types of Custom made screens for your bath and what may be required. As an added value, all the bespoke screens can be made to any shape so if you need a low height bath screen or you have a shaped / sloped ceiling then this is exactly where a Bespoke Frameless shower screen comes into its own territory.


All shower screens manufactured in the UK by Shower Glass Ltd and are Toughened with polished edges and confirm to BSEN12150 industry standard.

Fixed Panel Frameless Bath Screen

The fixed panels for baths are at the budget end as far as frameless bath screens go. The design is simple, and you can choose exactly the size required to go alongside your bath to prevent water from spraying out onto the floor. The main advantages of a fixed frameless bath panel is its simple and minimal lines, absence of seals, and it is the most cost-effective among the four types mentioned.


When it comes to fixing an over-bath screen to the wall and the side of the bath, the most popular method is using a U-channel, which is simply screwed to the wall and the top side of the bath. Then, the glass is slid in and fixed using silicone or gaskets. Alternatively, you can use mechanical clamps. Glass clamps for frameless bath screens are sold by Shower Glass at a ratio of 3:1 when compared to U-channel.


Pros: The fixed panel can be made to any size, is easy to clean, and easy to install for a competent person.

Cons: The screen is fixed, which means if the taps/controls for the shower are behind the bath screen, it may be difficult to operate the taps without leaning in or getting wet to start.


The best sizes for frameless fixed bath screens are 8mm and 10mm in thickness. To help you choose or research further, please start with one of the products listed below

Hinged Frameless Shower Screen over the bath

Glass Clamps

Glass U Channel

Glass Price Calculator

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Hinged Panel Frameless Bath Screen

Over Bath Panels that are hinged to a wall

The Hinged bath screen has the same advantages and look as the fixed bath panel, but with the option of swinging the panel in or out. In essence, it's an overbath shower door. With this type of bath screen, you would need a bespoke panel that most likely has 2 hinge cutouts to allow for the hinges to clamp the glass with force. The hinges are usually fixed to the wall and can be found as an offset or a centralized hinge. These hinges will allow a glass door to be up to the maximum width of around 1000mm to operate as intended.


The obvious pros with this type of frameless shower screen are the ability to open and close the screen over the bath, providing access to operate the taps.It's also helpful for bathing a child or for someone with assisted bathing needs. Finally it facilitates easier maintenance and cleaning. Visually, if you prefer, the screen can be left stowed towards the wall.


Cons are minimal other than the requirement for a competent person to install and the need for seals (replaced every 2-3 years) to prevent water from passing between the bottom of the glass, the bath top, and the wall. Additionally, if you choose to have it swing in and out, it's important to note there are no obstructions in the way, such as a toilet cistern or a sink bowl when operating


The screen thickness can range from 6mm to 10mm toughened glass. For those who desire the ultimate in bold statements, a 12mm glass screen could be used.

Geneva Hinges

Pinnacle Hinges

Continuous hinges

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Bifold or Folding Frameless Bath Screens

Bifolding Bath Screens | Frameless Folding Over Bath Screen

Bifold screens consist of two panels that fold flat against the wall when not in use and fold out to become a shower screen when the shower is in use. Usually, a Bifold screen consists of two or more panels connected together with hinges to allow ease of movement.

This type of frameless overbath screen is ideal for bathrooms with limited space where a single overbath door won't work.


For the Bifold screen, you will find two sets of hinges. One set includes glass-to-glass hinges to connect the panels together, while the other set includes wall-mounted glass hinges to fix both panels directly to the wall.


Similar to the single overbath glass door, the Shower Hinges can accommodate a width of up to 500mm per panel, with a total maximum width of 1000mm.


These types of doors afall into the higher price range and as a bifold configuration expect the cost £500.00 to over £1200 in the UK depending on the variables, sizes and finishes required.

Bi Fold Shower Screen overbath fully closed and folded away

GENEVA 180 Deg Hinges

Zurich 01 Series 180 Deg Hinges

Altea 180 Hinges (used on bifold Pics)

Frameless Hinged Bath Screen With Fixed Panel

Frameless higed bath screen with fixed panel for over bath showers

Overbath Shower Screen With Fixed Panel And Door

Finally the fixed panel/ hinged panel. The configuration is similar to that of the Bi Fold door but in this instance, the panel closest to the wallside is now fixed permantly  with glass clampsand does not swing.

Now  you have a swinging panel that when closed would make the shower panel 1/2 the width of when the hinged panel is fully extended so its a hybrid between the fixed shower glass panel and the Bifold.

The panel configuration does requires seals and fixed brackets or clamps to achieve the correct fitment along with 180 degrees hinges.


You should expect to pay similar in cost to that of the bifold bath shower screen.

Geneva GE90 Series Wall To Glass Clamps

SCU4 Wall To Glass Clamps

Altea 180 Deg Inswing - Outswing Hinges

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