Shower Screen Wall Channel

Uchannel is one of the most widely used means to fix Shower Glass in the UK.

U-Channel is the perfect solution to fix Shower screens to the wall side and to act as a Guide on the floor. Used by professionals throughout the Uk, Gain a little more knowledge about the Uchannel below.

How to Fit Wall Channel or  Uchannel

The principles of fitting Uchannel can be seen in the video below. The Uchannel sold by us is the same in the size and type as used in this video


What is Shower Screen Wall Channel?



Used in the installation of shower screens and enclosures. These channels typically run along the bottom or sides of the glass panels, providing a secure and stable base for the glass to rest on. Made from durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, shower glass channels are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different glass thicknesses and installation configurations.


Similarly, shower screen U channels or wall profiles are also used in shower enclosure installation. The U-shaped channel is mounted to the wall and secures the glass panel in place, providing a clean and secure attachment point for the glass. Shower screen wall profiles are commonly made of aluminum, which is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion and rust.


Aluminum shower wall profiles, also referred to as shower channels or profiles, are another type of shower enclosure component used to support the glass panels. These profiles are attached to the wall and provide a secure and stable base for the glass to rest on. Aluminum shower wall profiles are popular due to their lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different shower enclosure designs and glass thicknesses.

Shower Glass Uchannel FAQ

Popular 10mm Uchannel in 2.41m Lengths

Other Uchannels for Different Thickness and Uses