Large Shower Screens


Floor to ceiling and Full height shower screens


Our range of shower screens includes floor-to-ceiling and full-height options that make a big impact. We're proud to have supplied some of the best shower screens of this type in the UK.

Our 7-10 day turnaround time means we can create a shower screen up to 3600mm in height and 1500mm in width, and we're capable of going even bigger (just give us a call to discuss your needs).

We've offered this service from the beginning, recognizing that larger glass shower screens are a perfect fit for some modern buildings and new builds.

Why choose a full height shower screen?

For one, it's about hiding the fixtures to create a clean, streamlined look that blends seamlessly with the rest of the room. Even if your screen requires a couple of supporting arms, the right design can make your shower room or wet room an inviting and luxurious space.


Large format shower screens

 What does floor to ceiling mean?

Floor-to-ceiling refers to a type of design where a feature, such as a shower screen or window, extends from the floor to the ceiling without any gaps or interruptions. In the case of a shower screen, a floor-to-ceiling design typically means that the glass panels are installed from the floor of the shower area all the way up to the ceiling without any metal or other supports visible. This creates a seamless and elegant look that can make a bathroom or shower area feel more spacious and luxurious.




Please consider the larger the glass panel the heavier it becomes for example, a 2000mm x 1500mm glass screen in 10mm clear toughened format would weigh 75KGS!


Shower Glass Location

Also remember that you need to get the large shower screen to its final destination within the house or home. It's definitely worth doing a dry run with a sheet of plasterboard or made up template before attempting to lift the glass.

We have seen them stuck in stairwells or worse.



Price immediately

If you would like to get a price right away, then please jump over to the shower glass calculator page 

Please note, The Glass calculator will create a price on glass up to a max size of 2600mm Height  x 1800mm Width


If you require further guidance, feel free to send us an email or complete the contact form provided below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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