Glass Processor

What is Processed Glass or a Glass Processor

Processed glass, a term frequently used within the industry, refers to the transformation of raw glass sheets into refined products, ready for installation in a variety of environments including our homes and workplaces. This transition from raw to refined involves several stages, ensuring the final product is safe and fit for its intended purpose.


You might be surprised by how often you come across processed glass in your daily life. For instance, it's a common material in structures such as the all familiar shower screen, glass balustrades are often found both inside and outside the home. In some innovative designs, you might even find walk-on glass features on floors or stairs, giving a room a unique character. Another popular application is in table tops, where processed glass offers a durable and stylish alternative to traditional materials.


The journey of a raw sheet of glass to the finished product involves a range of specialised machinery. The initial stages might include cutting tables, where large sheets are cut down to the required size. After this, the glass edges might go through edging polishers and CNC machines, which refine the shape and give a smooth finish. Drilling machines are used when the design calls for holes, for instance, to fit hardware in glass doors or balustrades.


Before reaching its final destination, the glass also passes through a glass washer to ensure it's perfectly clean. If the application demands additional strength, such as in shower screens or balustrades, the glass will enter a toughening plant. This process heats the glass to high temperatures and then rapidly cools it, strengthening the material significantly and making it safer to use by ensuring it shatters into small, less harmful pieces if broken

How to buy Processed Glass

Buying processed glass is a simple task when buying through shower glass. If you have measurements, sketch or drawing then send through to our team who can provide an exact quote.


The quote will provide you with a cost for your glass needs including VAT, delivery costs and the estimated lead time it would take to process the glass.

If you are happy with the quote then we can proceed with taking payment for the order and confirm your requirements with a Computer Aided Design (CAD Drawing) similar to the picture shown of a typical Glass Balustrade design to the right. 

Ready to order Processed Glass?

Have a chat with the team from shower glass. We can provide small single orders through to large multi panel glass orders

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