Bespoke Shower Door

Bespoke Shower Doors for the home or Commercial environments

Without a doubt, there is a vast selection of shapes and sizes available for a bespoke shower door. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with more knowledge about shower doors, allowing you to understand the process of designing your own bespoke door and completing the look of your bathroom, wet room, or shower room.

Bespoke shower door

What is a Bespoke Shower Door?

A bespoke shower door is a customized shower door designed to fit a specific size and shape of an individual area. These doors are referred to as bespoke because they are made to order and cannot be found in standard bathroom or DIY shop. Typically, bespoke shower doors are of better quality glass and components than standard doors.

In terms of design, a bespoke shower door is a frameless glass panel that features cutouts for hinges and perhaps a couple of drilled holes for the door handle or knob depending on the design

When facing issues like the alcove entrance in the example above, where only standard-sized shower doors are available that do not perfectly fit the size of the shower space, a bespoke shower door can be made to the exact width and height required. Even a unique shape can be created for the door to fit specific spaces like an attic or loft.

Choosing the correct thickness for a bespoke shower door is essential, and the following guidelines can be used to make the right choice.

Usage Glass Thickness Expected Glass weights Hinges
Over Bath shower door 6mm - 8mm 15kgs - 30kgs 2
Glass door under 2 meters 8mm - 10mm 25kgs - 45kgs 2-3
Glass door over 2 meters 10mm - 12mm 35kgs - 75kgs 2-4

Guide to Glass thickness for Bespoke shower doors

If you were to use the above table, you should easily be able to select the correct thickness for a shower door. It will also give you an idea of how much you would need to reinforce the wall fixings

By using our toughened glass calculator, if you were to enter the height, width and thickness it would give you the actual weight in Kgs

What type of hinges do I need for a bespoke shower door?

Shower glass supplies various different types of hinges. The most common hinge we sell is the Geneva 037 hinge or the offset version which is the GEN044 hinge. Both hinges are suitable for 8mm 10mm and 12mm thickness glass. They are a great allrounder and will allow a shower door with a maximum width of 711mm when using 2 hinges and 813mm when using 3 hinges.

For larger door sizes and hinges if you only want 2 hinges then we recommend the Victoria hinge as this hinge will carry a shower door width of 1000mm and carry up to 64 kgs

We also offer a continuous door hinge which is essentially a hinge that runs the full height i.e. runs from the top to the bottom of the door and will accept both 6mm and 8mm glass thickness. This type of hinge can be cut down from 2200mm at its max height to any bespoke size.
The glass is simply 'glued in' and is a very reliable hinge.

Hinge colours and Finishes

Shower door hinge colours

We have many colours and finishes of hinges available to buy through our website. The most common is still chrome and outsells other colours combined at a rate of 2 chrome finishes sold per 1 coloured finish.

The most popular hinges colours we sell: (in no particular order)

  • Matt Black
  • Satin Brass
  • Brushed Brass
  • Polished Brass
  • Brushed Nickle
  • Antique Brass

Note: Satin brass is defined in the same term as brushed brass... All Depends on your interior designer/architect's choice of words.

Shower Door Hinges for For over bath panels

if a bespoke shower door is smaller in height than a full-height shower door we can suggest the Junior Geneva hinge as a starting point. These hinges are great for 6mm glass. If you go for 8mm or 10mm then you can jump back onto the regular geneva hinges

 Gap Allowances for Shower Doors

Shower doors need to be able to swing either in or out, to allow this to happen we need to leave an appropriate gap on both sides of the glass and the bottom of the glass.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large shower area, then maybe you could get away without having seals at all. But most shower doors need seals. Especially if you have a high-pressure water system or a Megaflow for instance.

If you have a low-height ceiling remember to allow for this when building a bespoke shower door. We suggest at least 20mm from any head if there is ventilation within the shower area, if not allow 100mm gap. if you do choose to go close to the ceiling, make sure that the door can swing freely and not hit a light or an extractor fan for instance.

Typical gap sizes are 6-8mm on the left and right of the screen and around 11mm for a standard fin seal on the bottom of the door.

If using a threshold under the door, then you must allow extra for this gap size also.

Shower door seals

To simplify this topic, we recommend using just two types of seals. These seals are push-on or snap-fit and are effortless to install. All of our seals at Shower Glass come in lengths of 2.41m, making them suitable for even the highest door sizes. Additionally, there will be enough length left to change the seal at the underside of the door, which typically experiences the most wear and tear.

For your convenience, we have created a quick table with links to the following recommendations.


Door thickness 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Left and Right Seals PCR6EU PCR8 PCR10 PCR12
Under door seal P914WS P956WS P990WS P912WS

Shower Seals to suit glass thickness


Shower Door Handles, Knobs or finger pulls

shower door knobs and handles

Ok so we have the hinges and seals covered but we need to open and close the door so we need a way to do this.

Shower door handles

Our shower door handles generally come in a couple of sizes. This measurement is taken from center to center of the handle.

Typically you will find a center to center of the handle fixings to be 152mm or 203mm.

As with the colour finishes of the hinges, the handles also come in a variety of colours including designer-led Matt Black door handles and Satin Brass door handles.

There are a few choices of styles to suit the handles as a standard shower door handle. Some are round, some as a 1/2 round handle, and some as square.

Most of the shower door handles are easy to fix to a bespoke shower door as it's as simple as using a screwdriver to fit one side of the handle to the door and then using an Allen key to fit the second part of the handle onto the first..

It's a 5-minute job.

Oversize and Longer door handles.

This can be seen to be a little bit of a cheat. If you were to choose a back-to-back towel rail and then turn it on its side, you end up with a very long door handle.

A great way to get a luxury look!

Shower Door Knobs

To create a simple or minimal look for an opening and closing a shower door we recommend a shower door knob. The easiest of our products to fit, the doorknob is screwed into place with the majority by hand only so no tools are allowed.

The most popular shower door knob by far is the SDK106CH. With a contemporary look, this door knob comes in a full range of colours. It has a ribbed body to allow for easy grip.

This is followed closely by the SDK100CH which is more of a traditional door knob. Again a full range of finishes is available.

Finger pulls and polished finger holes

This type of handle needs no products but a larger hole or processed shape. To open the door you would use your fingers to go through the glass and pull it from the opposite side.

These can be either cut into the door at a determined point or onto the edge of the glass.


Installation of a bespoke shower door

When it comes to installing a bespoke shower door, it is not recommended for individuals who do not enjoy DIY work. But with the right tools and some experience, a bespoke shower door can be fitted in less than an hour.

To ensure a smooth installation process, we always suggest having two people present. The glass used in bespoke shower doors is both fragile and large/heavy, making it challenging to install alone.

At a minimum, the tools required to install a bespoke shower door include:

  • Electric / battery-powered drill
  • Hand Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Level

As for the consumables to install, we recommend using the supplied screws with the hinges and perhaps use the list below as a guide for drill bits etc

Drill bit 
brown plugs
Spacers/ packers
Stainless Steel Screws

Preparation is always key to allowing a successful installation of a shower door. We suggest if you were to embark on a door project then watch this video first. (starting from 8m54)

10mm Bespoke Shower Door Installation

Aftercare and Maintenance

When you spend an amount on a product ( bespoke doors are not cheap) you should have a care package that suits the door. This is to keep the glass clean and operational throughout the lifespan of the door.

We recommend the following for a pristine door at all times.

Easy Clean Protection

Easy clean is a ''nano polymer' product this is easy to apply onto the glass surface to protect the inside/ wet side of the door from building up soap scum/calcium deposits and watermarks. The most cost-effective way to do this is with TPC16 easy clean

The solution is sprayed onto the inside of the glass working it into the glass in small sections at a time. This is repeated with a second coat and you are then left with a beautiful and protected glass door.

It takes around 5-10 minutes to apply depending on the size of the glass door.

Depending on use, its applied every 3-6 months

Cleaning the shower door

Once the shower has been used, we suggest that you are to squeegee the door down / wipe the door down. This takes off any excess water, so the water can not dry on the surface of the glass.

If you want to enhance the cleaning we recommend that you were to use a good glass cleaner with a non-abrasive cloth or wipes.

Shower Component Maintenance

Loose hinges or a door handle/ knob can be detrimental to the longevity of the shower door. A visual check of the hinges and door handle or knob will ensure that they are operationally correct.

If a door hinge becomes loose then the door could potentially sag and most likely put more pressure on the seals, in turn wearing out the seal/s altogether.

perhaps once a year, just check over the components.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a bespoke shower door toughened?
Yes all bespoke shower doors are toughened or tempered. Toughening gives the door its strength to withhold impacts and accidental knocks.

How much do bespoke shower doors cost?
A bespoke shower door typically costs around £250 per Sqm if you allow for standard fittings seals and VAT.

Can I install a bespoke shower door myself?
If you are competent at DIY then yes. We do recommend that 2 people install a shower door.

What's a Standard Size shower door?
In the UK, a standard-size shower door is 1850 in height and 600mm in width.

How long does a bespoke shower door take to make?
Most manufacturers will make a door in 4-5 working days.

Do frameless bespoke shower doors leak?
If the door has been measured and installed it should not leak. If you were to directly point a shower hose at the hinges or seals you might find it does a little.

What's the best thickness for a Bespoke shower door?
We suggest either 8mm or 10mm thick toughened glass for a bespoke frameless shower door.

How can I make my bespoke shower door to be not see-through?
If you want some privacy when showering, we recommend a door with either a satin or sandblasted finish. Some specialists can also get a printed overlay.

Should a bespoke shower door open in or out?
Ideally, open out. This is more from the perspective of someone using the shower were to slip, fall or worse, you would still be able to open the door if they were directly behind it.

Is there a Toughened Glass calculator I can work out a price from?
Yes, has a comprehensive glass price calculator available on their website.