Glass Weight Calculator

If you need to find out the weight of glass for a given size, use one of our handy Glass Weight Calculators below.

Our Weight Calculators Cover:

  • Toughened / Monolithic glass weight
  • Laminated glass weight
  • Toughened Double Laminated glass weight with PBV interlayer 
  • Toughened Triple Laminated glass weight with PVB interlayer


Simply select the thickness of glass and then add the width and height and the glass calculator and hit enter.
The calculated glass weight will then be displayed at the bottom of the calculator.
Its a handy tool if you need to calculate glass load weight from balustrade glass, shower screen panels or other item where glass is used.


Single/Monolithic Glass Weight Calculator in Kgs. and Lbs.

Some popular applications include shower glass and shower screens, Internal decorative  glass, Single pane Glass windows, table tops and table protective covers, splashbacks, safety screens, Covid screens


Laminated glass weights (not Toughened Laminated)

Popular applications for laminated glass include, shop windows, in double glazed units, high value display cabinets glass roofs for instance a conservatory roof or for a glazed lean to roof. You will find they are most available in the manufacture of vehicle windscreens.





Toughened Laminated Glass Weight 

Toughened laminated glass or "Toughened Lami" can be found used as barrier or for safety use. This including frameless glass balustrades, glass for landings and decking and also used with fish tanks and ponds etc. Toughened laminated glass provides extra safety as it is constructed with two pieces of glass with an interlayer between. The interlayer stops the transfer of shock between the two glass panels rendering one side still providing safety for the user if it were to be damaged.



Toughened Triple Laminated Glass Weight 

Triple laminated glass is used in both construction and security. It can be used for walk on glass, stair treads and other weight suspending uses including glass well covers. It is also used to provide bullet proof glass and glass screens where a high level of security is required i.e. Presidents/ Royalty/ armoured vehicle glass.



If you need a price for Toughened glass the please used the glass price calculator here