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EB1701T Glass and Mirror Cleaner in Spray Bottle

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CRL EB1701T Ultimate Glass Cleaner for Glass and Mirrors 
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With a 'bulletproof' formula for cleaning glass and mirrored items, our new Trigger Spray Glass Cleaner is now available in 1 litre bottles which means more for you when compared to our 660ml Spray cans.

Due to its Versatile nature, this Trigger Glass Cleaner has been tried and tested on all glass and mirrored surfaces, but it does not stop there, it will also clean worktops, stainless steel and so many other hard surfaces.
Controlled by a easy to use trigger spray, it lasts what some customers describe as 'forever'!

We have been told our glass cleaner would not be allowed onto the supermarket shelves as it would create an unfair market when head to head with other glass cleaners! So buy it direct from us...


EB1701T is Perfect for cleaning: 

  • Shower Screens
  • Mirrors
  • Glass Tables
  • Windows
  • Car Interiors (widows)
  • Stainless Steel products (handrails or trims)
  • Shop Displays
  • Perspex
  • Hard floor and wall coverings


EB1701T best properties:

  • High cleaning properties
  • Leaves no streaks
  • Pleasant odour
  • Better Value


Delivered Via My Hermes
Cleaner includes trigger spray top fitting

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