Reduced Height Shower Doors

Reduced height shower doors for attics and lofts

On occasion, you may require a shower door or shower screen with a reduced height. With most off-the-shelf retailers, this might pose a problem. With shower glass, it's no problem! 

What are reduced height shower doors?

Reduced Height Shower doors are required when height is restricted in a room or an area. This could be for a door that's required in an attic or for instance on a canal boat.


Reduced height shower doors - Typical sizes.

When we mention Reduced height we are talking about any size under 1800mm which is the lower height of a standard size shower screen.

If you require a 1600 high shower door, for instance, we can make the door to suit that size but would include the standard size door hinges, door knob and seals so other than the height difference the door would operate in the same manner as a regular height shower door.

On the smaller scale of reduced height shower doors, we have built shower doors at 1000mm in height and these serve as shower doors for dog wash areas. You can easily lean over and wash your pet with ease.

As with the reduced-height shower doors, we can also offer reduced widths.

You can check the price for a low height shower door here. for instance, if you need a standard sized 600mm shower door but with a reduced height of 1600mm. Just enter the dimensions into the calculator and you will get an instant price. Remember to add hinge cutouts and a hole for the door knob!


Shower enclosures with reduced height

If it's more than just a reduced height shower door you require, then we can also offer reduced-height shower screens and enclosures. Our processing facilities allow us to make shower screens and enclosures of any size to the millimeter.

if you have gone into the attic and are looking for a low ceiling shower solution then we can also manufacture reduced height showers with angles and shaped glass to suit the pitch of the ceiling if needed.


Loft Shower Doors

If you are fortunate enough to be able to convert your attic or loft, then we are here to help. We can offer reduced height shower doors or shower doors with a shaped or angle cut.
If you have beams in the ceiling then these can also be accounted for.


Reduced height shower screens

As with shower doors, we can reduce the height of a fixed panel shower screen. With the same principle applied, we can make reduced height shower screens in all the popular thicknesses to your exact size and width.


FAQ Section

Can my shower screen be cut down?
If your shower screen or door has already been through the Tougheneing process then no. If you try to cut the glass it will shatter into small pieces.


What's the shortest shower enclosure?
The shortest shower enclosures are approx 900mm and are used for showering Pets. For Humans, the shortest shower enclosures can be as low as 1500mm


What is the height of a shower screen?
A typical height of a standard shower screen is 1850mm. Some manufacturers in Europe and the USA would be 1950mm


Can you shorten a shower door?
You cannot shorten a shower door once it has been toughened, if you do try to shorten a shower door it will break or shatter into small pieces.


Typical Reduced height shower door requests.

The most popular size requests we receive for shower door heights are below.

  • 1750mm
  • 1700mm
  • 1800mm
  • 1650mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1200mm
  • 900mm

To conclude:

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The Shower Glass Team