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Dry Glaze 10mm U Channel 2.41 metre with FREE SHIPPING

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Vinyl Included with all DUC Channels.

 Dry Glaze U Channel for 10mm glass. Suitable for 8mm with RV8DUC Vinyl Insert purchased

Catalogue Number:                                                   DUC38XX (replace XX with Colour Code)

Includes:                                                               2.41 m U-Channel, Rigid Vinyl, Flexible Vinyl

NOTE:                                                                     Not designed for "Lift and Drop" applications.

 Recommended Deduction from glass tight size:        10mm (8mm vinyl, 2mm wiggle room)

Depth / height of profile wall                                                                                                  19 mm

Stock Lengths                                                                                                                   2.41 metre

Thickness of Metal :                                                                                                            2.03 mm 

Glass uses vinyl inserts to hold in place.

U Channel is secured in place using screws or silicone. Recommend screwing in place.

Force required to dislodge a screwed in U channel would be great compared with U Channel secured by silicone or adhesive.

Dry Glaze U-Channel offers the installer many benefits. It eliminates the need for messy silicone between the glass and metal, dramatically reducing installation time. If the glass is ever scratched or damaged it can be removed without the need to cut out the sealant. The extruded aluminium channel is wrapped in a protective poly sleeve with two pieces of clear vinyl to secure 10 mm glass. If using 8 mm thick glass, RV8DUC must be ordered separately. The "Flexible" Vinyl goes on the interior of the shower, while the "Rigid Leg" Vinyl "rolls in" on the exterior side.

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