Strike and Door "h" Jamb With Vinyl Insert 180 Degree for 12mm glass

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Catalog Number: P120SDJ

Vinyl Insert Included for P180SDJ and P120SDJ

Snaps Onto Fixed Panel or Door
For Glass-to-Glass Applications

P1801P is All One Piece
98" (2.49 m) Stock Length

Suggested Gap: 3/16" (4.7 mm)

This Clear 180 degree Polycarbonate Strike and Door "H" Jamb with Vinyl Insert is snapped onto the fixed panel running inline with the door. P180SDJ and P120SDJ contain vinyl insert V600CSG. P1801P is all one piece Contains clear vinyl insert. Sturdiness of this seal makes it one of our better jambs at reducing water leakage for inline installations.


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