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10mm Recessed U Channel with finish selector

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U Channel for 10mm glass.  Suitable for 8mm with more silicone applied.


Catalogue Number:                                                  SDCF38XX  (XX = replace with colour code)

Recommended Deduction from glass tight size:        5mm 

Depth / height of profile wall                                        17 mm

Lip width                                                                     3.5mm lip

Stock Lengths                                                          2.49 metre

Thickness of Metal :                                                  2.00 mm


Ideal for Recessing Glass and Creating the 'All-Glass' Look

Top of Channel Angled to Assist with Water Deflection

Top Lip Helps Cover Edge of Tile

Glass is silicon-ed in place.


U Channel is secured in place using screws or silicone. Recommend screwing in place.

Force required to dislodge a screwed in U channel would be great compared with U Channel secured by silicone or adhesive.


Wet Glazed with Silicone to Secure Glass:

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