Vienna 037 Wall Mount Hinge with Finish selector

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Catalogue Number: V1E037 

Glass Fabrication: Cut-Out Required in Glass, See Template in product images.
Includes: Gaskets, Screws, and Glass Fabrication Dimensions.
Back plate: Central back-plate, Wall to Glass Hinge.
Tolerance 8mm (Deduction from glass width to allow for the hinges while still achieving the same coverage / width).
Two hinges: will hold up to 50 kg with a maximum door width of 914 mm.
Three hinges: will hold up to 63 kg with a maximum door width of 914 mm.
Glass Thickness: 10 mm to 12 mm Toughened Safety Glass.
Construction: Solid brass with all moving parts (pins and springs) in stainless steel.
Hinge Swings: 90 Degree In and 90 Degree Out
Closing Type: Self-Centring when within 15 Degree of closed position at factory set position.
Vienna Hinges are the solution for wider, heavier doors that traditional hinges are not strong enough to support. Two strategically placed steel pins inside the hinge provide template options, and satisfy two schools of thought for mounting shower door hinges. For the safety of "mouse-ears" type cut-outs, the two steel pins should be left in place. This allows the Vienna Hinge to be used with its own "mouse-ears" cut-out. On the other hand, to enable increased adjust-ability, the two pins can be removed. This allows the Vienna Hinge to fit its own rectangular shaped, square cornered cut-out. In some cases, it will also fit competitive rectangular shaped, square cornered cut-outs.


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