Bespoke Shower Doors

Bespoke Shower Doors

Bespoke shower doors for the home

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  1. How can I make a bespoke shower door fit an attic?
  2. Are bespoke shower doors frameless?
  3. What size can a shower door be?
  4. What's the cost of a bespoke shower door?
  5. Typical bespoke shower door costs
  6. what other options are available for a shower door?
  7. Seals and thresholds
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Going bespoke has become more significant over the last 4/5 years as it enables the homeowner more options to where a shower can be installed in the home.

We commonly find that extending the home and adding more convenience is principle in the design of the extension itself for instance.

With homes in Urban areas, perhaps a loft conversion is more practical than an extension due to the amount of outdoor space there is available. This means you can get footprint of the home onto another level with the exception of the eaves/ sloping roof area.

This is perfect for a Bespoke shower door / Custom door. 

How can I make a bespoke shower door fit an attic?

We can make shower doors with lower height or reduced heights if required or with a shape cut out from the top of the glass door to accommodate the eave/ pitch of the roof. 

Are bespoke shower doors Frameless?

Predominantly, the shower screens and bespoke glass doors are frameless/ semi frameless which allows for more customisation if required. Its also cleaner looking and does not trap all the nasty germs/ mold within a traditional framed shower.

What size can a bespoke shower door be?

Its not always the case the a bespoke door has to be smaller, the whole point of bespoke is the glass can be made to any size (within reason). There are many situations that the door needs to be larger for instance wheelchair access. 
For wheel chair access, we usually work with the individual for width and height restrictions

Bespoke Shower Doors can be around 900mm - 1000mm in width where as a standard door is approx 650mm -750mm in width

What's the cost of a bespoke shower door?

The average price for a custom/ bespoke shower door professionally fitted would be in the range of £450 - £1000.
If you were to order a bespoke glass door and fit yourself, expect to pay from £300 to £700.

With side panels, and return panels, expect that cost to increase accordingly 

here are a few examples of what you get for your money
The doors have chrome hinges and a door knob and without labour cost but does include VAT

Typical Bespoke Door Cost UK 2021/2022

Door size Door thickness Cost
650mm x 1900mm 8mm £310.00
900mm x 2000mm 10mm £535.00
500mm x 1800mm shaped 8mm £360.00

What other options are available for a shower door?

There are many different types of hinges available from Continuous hinges through to Hydraulic closing hinges and some of the ranges come with various difference colours including the most common but great looking Chrome and the ever trending Brasses, and Blacks.

Handles, door knobs and finger pulls.

Handles and doorknobs can be found with either a pinch of modern or a great classical style, again can be customised with a colour/ finish to suit the bathroom or shower the are to match with.

Finger pulls are great as they are simply a finished hole in the glass you can put your fingers through to pull the door. Common shapes are Round/ circular, Oval or pill shaped or Square/ rectangle shaped. You do have to bear in mind if ordering a glass door with these that water can pass through the hole...

Seals and Thresholds

To finish off the shower door, the primary function is to keep water to onside of the door and the simplest way to do this is with seals.

Shower seals tend to be Translucent Polycarbonate seals with flexible fins, the fins are what make contact to the adjacent surfaces and cover the gaps between the shower door and the shower tray or tiles.

If you need added protection from the water running under a shower door, you could add a threshold also.

Can I fit a Bespoke shower door myself?

Its definitely a job for a competent person, however it's better with 2 people to achieve the correct door installation. There is a few things that can go wrong and the worse case scenario is your left with a chipped door or worse, the glass breaks and shatters. 

See the installation video at the bottom of the page

If you are considering a Bespoke Shower Door, please drop the office an email or use the contact form here to get an up to date quotation

23rd Oct 2021 Jennifer Nethers

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