Everything You Need to Know About Tinted Shower Screens

Everything You Need to Know About Tinted Shower Screens

If you've been using a shower curtain, you understand how hard it is to keep these curtains clean. Further, mold and mildew thrive in bathrooms with shower curtains. Perhaps it's time to look at the tinted shower screens as an alternative.

The glass shower industry is worth a whopping $3.2 billion, and it's projected to continue growing. Tinted shower screens add class and enhance the privacy of your bathroom space. But that's just the tip of the benefits that tinted bath shower screens offer.

This guide will help you learn more about tinted glass shower screens. Dive in to understand their benefits and installation process.

Tinted Shower Screens Come in Different Sizes

Your choice of a tinted shower screen depends on two things—the power of your shower kit and the size of your bathroom. Normally, tinted glass shower screens are measured in millimeters. They come in a wide variety of shapes, so you don't have to worry about altering the shape of your bathroom when shopping for one.

The thickness of the glass varies depending on the cost. You'll pay extra for thicker versions of these screens, but that doesn't mean that the thinner versions are awful at performing their function. It's just that thicker shower screens ooze luxury.

The Cost

Many factors come into play in determining the price of a tinted shower screen. The basic factor is the size, and you are likely to pay more when you opt to purchase the larger versions. The thickness of the glass screen will also affect the price.

Style is also an important quality - straight-edged models aren't as pricey as curvy and other sophisticated designs. You'll have to dig deeper into your pocket for other customizations, such as requesting a bronze-tinted glass shower.

There's always something for everyone when it comes to tinted shower screens. However, the budget-friendly models don't boast the same longevity as the other superior models.

The Safety

Safety is a significant concern for people who'd like to try out a tinted shower screen for the first time. It's normal to wonder if you'll get hurt by the glass in case you fall on it. Safety concerns heighten even further when you have children who plan to use the glass.

Reputable manufacturers use high-quality, toughened glass to make these screens. These shower screen glasses have smooth edges to protect you and your family from injuries. These features assure you of your safety whenever you install the shower screen.

There are foldable versions of these screens on the market. It's possible to fold and tuck these screens out of people's way once you are done using them. The foldable tinted shower screen is your best option if safety concerns are too overwhelming.

Note that only certified and high-quality glasses give you this protection. Don't buy knock-offs and expect the same level of protection from the shower screens. You better invest in something that won't cause unimaginable pain and regret later.

The Installation Process

It's easy to conclude that installing tinted shower screens is complex, judging from their designs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are plenty of DIY guides available to help you install a shower screen.

However, understand that installing the shower screen by yourself has risks. Imagine investing in worthy blue-tinted glass or black-tinted shower screens, and you damage your screen or wall as you attempt to install it.

That’s a costly affair you'd rather avoid by hiring a professional to help you with the installation. Most sellers of these shower screens also provide installation services for free or at a small fee.

The Maintenance Needs

One of the reasons for investing in a tinted shower screen is the low maintenance requirement. Tinted shower screens don’t stain easily once you start using them. But you’ll need to clean yours occasionally to maintain them in a desirable condition.

The choice of the tint plays a part in the frequency of the maintenance needs. Black tinted glass doesn't show stains as easily as grey tinted glass. High-quality glasses also have an easy-to-clean coating that simplifies their maintenance.

To keep the tinted shower screen looking brand-new for a long time, you should wipe it after each use. This might seem excessive, but it's worth the effort in the long run.

Tinted Shower Screens Come With Special Finishes

Aside from the elevated sense of privacy, tinted shower screens increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms. They have special finishes such as towel shelves, rails, and handles. Such finishes conserve valuable space in the bathroom.

Go for a unique design such as blue-tinted glass or black-tinted glass for maximum appeal. Installing a tinted shower screen is one of the easy ways to increase the value of your property. It’s a handy trick when you are in the property business.

The Types

There are two kinds of tinted shower screens - single panel screens and double panel Bifold screens. The latter has a hinge at the center of the screen, which allows it to open in different ways creating easy access to the bathroom. It's good for scenarios where there's limited bathroom space, or you own a longer bathtub.

On the other hand, Single panel screens have a single pane of glass. Their design is simple, and most of them are frameless. They have a hinge that allows you to move the pane of glass.

Conduct a thorough assessment of your bathroom before investing in a tinted shower screen. The assessment will reveal the type of shower screen suitable for your needs.

Reclaim Your Privacy in Style

The time has come for your bathrooms to get a makeover. And what other better way other than installing tinted shower screens. These screens are excellent at offering privacy while at the same time giving your bathroom space the stylish design that you deserve.

Tinted shower screens are safe for use, provided you purchase them from a credible supplier. You won’t have trouble cleaning them as they are easy to maintain. Contact the Shower Glass Specialists today for your shower screen.

2nd May 2022 Shower Glass

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