Tools of the trade: Kit installers use to fit Bespoke Screens and Shower Enclosures

Tools of the trade: Kit installers use to fit Bespoke Screens and Shower Enclosures

We get asked lots about what's tools to use when installing a bespoke shower screen, Channels and other components. So here are the most frequently used tools.

To make it easy for you all of the links below are direct to amazon, so you can generally get the kit for the next day.(we do make a slight commission on the products through the amazon affiliates program)

What's the best tool for measuring a aperture for a shower enclosure?

You have a few ways to measure but the most accurate is to take a template of the area required. If you are experienced enough then you can use a laser level and a tape measure. This way is also accurate


Laser Levels

For laser levels, we have found the Bosch laser level the most accurate when its used for taking measurements. the laser lines cover a good 10 meters. Its easy to use and self levelling... Perfect to find straight lines and whats plumb... These tools are so useful around the home anyway and are well worth the investment. I have not come across a installer who uses a regular long level in the past 5 or 6 years. 

Stay away from cheaper brands as some installers have had issues with lines and accuracy not being 100% true.

Bosch Professional Tripod for Lasers and Levels

A notable addition to this would be the Bosch tripod/ Mount for a laser level. Personally I dont use one but if you are going all in on a DIY Bathroom then for the price this tripod is great.. For wall tiling, setting out floors, fitting mirrors, alignment of shower valves with shower heads, the tripod is solid and height adjustable.

It folds away quickly and can be conveniently packed away when not in use with minimal space usage.

Stanley STA998985 Pocket Tapes, 5m/16ft & 8m/26ft

Tape measure for measuring shower enclosures Stanley

There are plenty of tape measure on the market, most are ok, but not 100% accurate, the printing of the measurements can be off the scale and the longevity of the tape can also be a short lifespan.

Both personally and professionally, we tend to lean towards Stanley, a familiar name in the industry and also a great product. 

The Stanley tape measure we have mentioned comes as a twin pack with one measure of a max length of 5 meters or 16 feet in length and the 2nd tape measure in the kit gives a full 8 meters or 26 feet

You will commonly find installers brandishing these when measuring I have around 5 of these dotted around the office and in my measuring kit

Laser Measures

Lecia Laser measure for measuring shower screend and shower enclosures

Dont go cheap on this product especially if you are specifying glass. A recent customer had two glass shower enclosures that did not fit by 10mm (too tall). The laser measure ( I forgot the brand ) we tested and was 20mm out over 4 meters. It cost to replace the glass for the correct size just over £1200.00 at cost so be aware.

We recommend atleast a good brand name i.e. leciaBoschMakita.

I have personally used the Lecia Disto D2 measure for many years, it works with an app if required ( I don't use it). But is very accurate. For shower enclosures you will see me with this in my hand when measuring.

Showerglass Enclosure Tool Installation Kit

what do I use to install a shower screen?

Professional shower installers use the kit mentioned below, this is a basic kit but will complete a shower installation.

You may well have some if not all of this kit already but its there as a resource if required.

For installation of shower screens as a basic kit you will need:

For Consumables you will need

Health and safety Kit

If your not sure how some of the kit is used, have a look at this video by The tile coach and they will show you the fundementals of installing a shower screen with clips.

16th Jan 2022

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