How Much Does A Custom Shower Screen Cost?

How Much Does A Custom Shower Screen Cost?

Custom Shower screens encompass a wide variety of types of shower screens. There are many different factors that determine costs as we start to build an individual price. We can take an average cost and give the example below.

For A Custom Shower Screen Door and Fixed Panel at a regular height of 1950mm and a width of 1000mm. Expect to pay in the region of £600 ($900 US) - £900 ($1200 US) This would include the shower fittings, delivery and Vat /Taxes

Other factors that would increase the above value:

  • Measuring / Site visit £100 ($130 US) - £250 ($325 US)
  • Installation £300 ($390 US) - £500.00 ($650 US)
  • Glass upgrades (Low Iron) Coloured glass, Easy Clean Applications
  • Component upgrades including colours
  • Oversize panels
  • Shaped cuts
  • Templating
  • Privacy finishes
  • Artwork/ printed glass
  • Wrongly measured glass

Why do the shower screen costs vary so much between retailers?

When looking for a cost for showers, the prices never seems to be the same across merchants like us. Some have promotions running, some are just writing off profit? Some are just really cheap.

To think that we sit somewhere in the lower part of the average cost for a bespoke or custom shower screens is good for our business knowing that there is just enough wiggle room so to speak for negotiating. 

The good news is, we regularly price check both our suppliers costs and our competition both online and offline so that we can provide a fair and affordable price. This works very well for Shower Glass Ltd and our customers love the service they receive!

How can I negotiate a price for custom shower glass?

Certainly! The less we have to do the less we charge for doing it. So if you can send in a drawing which is concise and we can configure without issues, we spend less time preparing the shower screen alas we can offer a reduction here.

We also discount for multi purchases, trade or business related.

22nd Dec 2019 Lee

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