Single Glass Shower Door Hinged with Handle

Looking for a single glass shower door panel to fit into an opening by itself or into an aperture?

When looking for a bespoke shower door, it may seem daunting and complex idea.  I can assure you its a straight forward process to achieve.

To make life a little simpler, we will show you all you require for a shower door.

For a simple shower door you will need

  • 1x glass door with cutouts (dont worry we will do the cut outs for you)
  • 2x or 3x hinges (depending on weight and width of glass/ shower door required)
  • 1x door handle or knob
  • 2x or 3x seals depending on how you want your door to open i.e. swing in/swing out/swing both

The glass will be determined by the size of the aperture.Say you have an opening of 820mm in  width and from the shower tray or tile you require a heigh of 1950mm.

One big advantage is to make sure the opening is square, if not I will explain in my next post on how to combat the out of square wall/ room or opening.

Ok, you have the glass size of 820mm width x 1950mm in height. You now need to make a few deductions from the glass.

Most hinges require a glass width deduction of 7-8mm from the hinge side of the glass and around 5mm from the straight edge or opening side.
You would also deduct 10mm from the bottom edge of the glass to allow for the drip seal.

Products required:

  1. 8mm Clear toughened with polished edges with dimensions of 808mm x 1940mm
  2. 1x Chrome Geneva Hinge and Knob Set
  3. 1x seal Kit comprising of 2x PCR8 and 1x P956WS

It should hopefully end up looking like something the photo below.

Shower Glass single panel door with hinges and door knob

21st Feb 2016 Shower Glass

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