Superior Craftmanship - Metal and Butter

Superior Craftmanship - Metal and Butter

Metal and Butter??

For many years we at have been selling glass and components to both the domestic and commercial market and are privileged to meet so many great people and companies on the Way

Procurement by industries such as the leisure and entertainment industry through to architects and developers allows us to see some of the very best projects in the UK.

Our brand fits perfectly with larger budgets where the design supersedes the budget and allows the creators to make the most beautiful and mouth-watering showers and enclosures to match the rooms designed.

Albeit not far away, there is a ceiling to what our customers can achieve with our products…. Or is there?

Sometimes, we at come across a unique company that simply stands out amongst a crowd that understand both luxury and how to make it…. To be exact, I would like to present to you one such company in Petersfield called Metal and Butter.

We supplied Metal and Butter recently with low iron glass and U-channel so that they could create what can only be described as a masterpiece within our industry.

Metal and butter are setting standards in the Bespoke industry that we have not seen before. The attention and detail that goes into each project is unbelievable. We have experienced the clear and concise efforts with both communication from them when specifying exactly what they need.

Metal and butter are multi-disciplined engineers and creators and are certainly not limited to just shower screens. Alex and the team can pretty much create anything.. Give them an idea and see what they return with!

From Lighting to furniture, refurbishments to sculptures. The company oozes with creativity combined with engineering prowess.

To get some idea of what they are capable of, it’s certainly worth a trip over to the MandB website or even better have a look over the portfolio of works which can be found on Houzz.

If you are fortunate enough to meet with the guys in person, you quickly realise they are fun guys doing something they love…

Contact them via there website or use the details below.

Metal and Butter Limited.

Unit H
Nyewood Industries
GU31 5HA

+44 (0)1730 821 570

The Shower Glass Team

21st Mar 2021

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