The Best  Stone Worktop Cleaner for Quartz and other Stone Worktops

The Best Stone Worktop Cleaner for Quartz and other Stone Worktops

We were going to produce a list of the best stone worktop cleaners but quickly realised their was only one!

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In a kitchen you can spend an absolute fortune of surfaces, whether it be Granite, Quartz, Marble or other natural stone, only to then treat it with contempt, cover it in grease and grime, bang it, smash it and treat it like it was your arch nemesis. At the worst stab it with a knife!

The clean up operation, once food has been prepped, cooked and eaten, can be lets say challenging, especially if you have a stone worktop.

At best, most cleaners will leave smears or stubborn marks on the surface. In turn, you  become obsessed with the cleaning regime. You end up treating your surface like looking after a newborn.

Well, its time to relax just a little on the new obsessive disorder that you slipped into, as we do stock and sell the best worktop cleaner in the world.

Its a bold statement to make but it follows my own personal use and the excellent feedback I have had from customers.

So how do you go about making the best stone worktop cleaner in the world?

You simply make the surfaces the cleaner was designed for!

CRLStone is a Worldwide producer and manufacturer of Quartz surfaces and without question, they would not want to go getting any aftercare wrong would they?

So to omit risk of surfaces getting damaged, they formulated their very own surface and worktop cleaner. This company also produces stainless steel everything.. low and behold it also cleans stainless steel handles/ face plates  better than any other product. It really is that good...

Oh and did I mention its FDA approved food safe?

How long does the Stone Worktop Cleaner last?

It seems the average customer who would re purchase the stone worktop cleaner is doing this on a 6 month basis. If you take into consideration that the cans of cleaner are larger in size than the average can you can find on the  supermarket shelf.

At home We have 3 young children who choose to use the island/ worktop as a recreational facility with the occasional space for food. Its in use every day and we  use the worktop cleaner once or twice a week to keep the Quartz worktop from loosing the original look.

It usually lasts us around 6 months before we replace.

I am going to stop boasting about how good this product is now, just try it for yourself. There is no turning back once you have a can in your hand... Let their always be CRL Stone and Worktop Cleaner!

You can find it right here, and yes there are discounts for multiple purchases!


4th Oct 2019 Lee Maggs

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