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What is the average size for a Shower Glass Door in the UK?

An 'off the shelf' door in the UK is approximately 1950mm In height and from 600mm to 900mm In width.

The average thickness for an 'off the shelf' Shower Door is from 5mm to 10mm.

What is the average size Shower Glass door if going Bespoke?

The average bespoke door we sell to our UK customers in height is 2050mm to 2100mm and in width is 750mm to 920mm (maximum hinge tolerance)

The average thickness for a bespoke door is 10mm in thickness. 

What are the main factors that determine the height of a Shower door?

  • Shower Head height/ water outlet
  • Ceiling height
  • The person using the shower
  • The Cost

Every room being different will be the biggest natural selection for a Shower Door size. If you are fortunate enough to live in a period house unaltered, the chances are you would be able to use a shower door that is higher than a modern home.

If you have an attic conversion then it's quite possible you would need a reduced height shower door or alternately a door with a sloping edge to suite the pitch of the ceiling or eaves.

Another factor that governs the size of a shower door for instance a 12mm (1/2"inch) Shower glass door 900mm x 2100mm would weigh some 56.7 Kgs and would need 3 hinges going much above this becomes more costly and perhaps less viable.

The same Shower Door in 8mm (5/16"inch) would weight in at 37.8Kgs and would only require 2 hinges and would normally cost approx half of a 12mm door.

Below is a quick reference to glass weights when considering a Shower door 

Glass thickness 6mm or 1/4" is 14.96 kg/m2

Glass thickness 8mm or 5/16" is 19.95 kg/m2

Glass thickness 10mm or 3/8" is 24.93 kg/m2

Glass thickness 12mm or 1/2" is 29.92 kg/m2

An average Shower door in square meters is 1.17 Sqm to 1.75 Sqm.

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21st Aug 2018 Shower Glass

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